Fall 2020

Analytics 1

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Introduction to Spreadsheets

Instructor: James Lyons-Weiler, PhD
Email: james@ipak-edu.org
Classes Begin Sept 17th, 2020
Thursdays 2PM EST Live Lecture; Video will be available thereafter.
This course is hands-on, 100% learning by doing.  Class lectures will be followed by in-class directed exercises.  Homework exercises can be done in pairs to help individual students master by shared experience.
Lecture 1. Course Overview
Basic Math operations review
Spreadsheet examples
Compound operations

Lecture 2. Importing Data
xls format, text, delimiters, cut-and-paste operations
Formatting Cells
Saving Your File in the Right Format

Lecture 4. Intro to Formulas
Homework Review
Summing a Column or Row
Calculating proportions in a column
Calculating percentages from proportions

Lecture 5. Intro to Graphs
Homework Review
Line Graph
Bar Graph
Spreadsheet Example

Lecture 6. Using Reference cell
Homework Review
Use in a column
Use in a function

Lecture 7. Calculating and Plotting a Histogram
Method 1
Method 2

Lecture 8. Correlation
Math of Linear Correlations: y = mx+b
Plotting a linear function
Data Analysis Pack 1

Lecture 9. Charts
Charts: Histogram, Bar Chart, Line Chart
Combining Chats

Lecture 10. Pie Diagrams

Lecture 11 Creating a Filter
Graph: Bar Chart or Pie Chart

Lecture 12 Sorting Data
Graphic: Line Charts

Lecture 13. Recursive calculations
Example 1 Compound Interest
Example 2 Cumulative Incidence

Lecture 14 Data Analysis Pack 2
Comparing the averages of samples from two populations (T-Test)
Other statistical operations available

Lecture 15 Recap 
Also see our