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IPAK-EDU 2022-2023 Course Catalog

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Fall Course Line-Up

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Bio-A Lyons-Weiler Tuesday 11AM ET

IPAK BIO 111/BIOLOGY A is a 15- week course in the fundamentals of Biological Sciences. Good to have this course before Genetics (Fall 2023), before Ecology & before Immunology (Spring term 2023). [Register here]

The Biology of Nutrition Gaeta Wednesday 1PM ET

This course will focus on the biology of nutrition throughout life, from pre-conception to old age. [Register here]

Environmental Toxicology Lyons-Weiler Fall Thursday 1PM ET

Similar to 200- or 300-level course, instruction is on details of all aspects of environmental toxicology, including toxins in our food, water, air and pharmaceuticals. [Register here]

Ecology for the Masses Stephen Fall Monday 1PM ET

Ecology is the study of organisms and their relationship with each other and their environment. Here we cover the overview of ecology on many scales. [Register here]

Chemistry for the Masses Swain Fall Monday 6PM ET

Students taking this class will learn the principles of chemistry via discussions of examples of chemistry in the day-to-day lives. [Register here]

How Not to Be Fooled McDonald Fall Wednesday 6PM ET

In this course, all aspects of the pathological basis, effects and tools of mass perception manipulation will be explored with a focus on historical and recent examples. [Register here]

Spreadsheets 1 Lyons-Weiler Fall Wednesday 1PM ET

Students will learn elementary use of spreadsheets - and receive a series of math booster math lessons along the way! [Register here]

The Math of Vaccine Science - Stein

Learn the specific calculations done during the analysis of data from vaccine studies - and how they properly and, sometimes, improperly used. [Register here]

How to Read and Interpret a Scientific Study - Lyons-Weiler

This is an online course designed to empower individuals to know the landscape and layout of scientific studies. [Register here]

Vaccine Course Angelantoni & Team Fall Wednesday 5pm ET

Students will learn via readings and reviews of primary literature facts about the history of the impact of vaccines on human health. [Register here]

Preventing & Reversing Chronic Illness West Fall Day/Time TBA

This course will focus on health issues including heavy metals, Candida, biological factors in cancer, autoimmunity, sleep hygiene, psychoemotional health, addiction and the mind/body connection. [Register here]

Integrative Health for Mental Wellness Giustra-Kozek Fall Tuesday 7PM ET

In this course, students will learn the latest research on nutritional deficiencies and the link to neurodevelopmental delays and mental health disorders. [Register here]

Resolving Nutritional Confusion Popper Fall Day/Time TBA

A scientific examination of today’s dietary theories, their impact on human health, and how both consumers and practitioners can determine what people should eat. [Register here]

History of Law and Rights in Western Civilization Rigney Fall Thursday 3PM ET

This course provides a detail review of the origins of modern views on justice, law and rights from the dawn of history to the present. [Register here]

Healthy Shorts - Danyelle King - Not a class

Brief videos by Danyelle of issues of health & wellness straight to your inbox. [Register here]


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