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What is In Your Child's School Lunch?

Toxins that have been found in school lunches PLUS: Top 10 hazards of glyphosate. Use this to inform parents and your school boards!

Antibody Dependent Enhancement


Details on Antibody Dependent Enhancement - and why it matters.


More Than Antibodies

Why antibodies are insufficient evidence for immunity from vaccines.

No Benefit, All Risk?

COVID-19 Vaccines for Kids Under 5?

Key Facts on COVID Shots for Children < 5


How Well Was the Bivalent Booster Studied?

Find out and inform how little science went into FDA's consideration of the bivalent booster prior to EUA.


How Many Shots are on the Schedule?

Side A provides detail on the number of shots on the CDC pediatric schedule.

Side B provides additional important details on the studies that did not use placebos, CDC's lack of authority to require vaccination, and whether vaccinated or unvaccinated children are healthier. 


HPV Vaccine: Weighing the Risks

Side A reviews solid information about HPV Vaccines and Side B reviews no-hype information on HPV-associated cancer risk. 

The Dirt on Aluminum

Side A: "The Dirt on Aluminum"
- Overview of issues surrounding aluminum, its toxicity, ingested vs injected, health effects, and more
Side B: "How much aluminum is in the shots"
- Review of US CDC's pediatric schedule package inserts detailing adjuvant used and amount of elemental Al in mcg per dose.


Mercury: Toxic in Any Form

Side A "Mercury: Toxic in Any Form" lays out the facts on thimerosal-sourced and methylmercury.  Side B takes on the "Mercurial Science" and provides reliable information on why while both are toxic, Thimerosal-based organic mercury is far more dangerous than that from methyl mercury - among many other facts!  $1.99 


Side A: Evidence for Masks - Weak.

Side B: The Hazards of Masks.

Fully cited, based on evidence, not hype.



Side A: Can Masks Stop Viruses?

Side B: Masking Science

Fully cited, based on evidence, not hype.


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