Come Teach the World.


IPAK-EDU is seeking co-instructors to create our Philosophy and Analytics curriculum tracks with full-semester courses.
We're unique in that our courses are live broadcast & recorded. Instructors can play their videotaped lectures from past semesters.
The goal of IPAK-EDU is to teach the public science, reason and logic - the fundamentals - whether they seek a college degree, or not. We want to raise the bar in public discourse.
All courses except Phil 101 will be co-taught with the Founder. Seeking co-instructors in
-Philosophy 101
-Logic & Reason
-Philosophy of Science
-Existentialism, Sense-making and Crises of Meaning
-Spreadsheets 2
-Advanced Spreadsheets
Feel free to pitch courses not listed. We must bring reason & logic back to the core of our society.
To be considered, write a course description and email it to info [at%] along with your resume.
No openings, but check but soon.