Frequently Asked Questions

A few answers to some general common questions.

Q: If I cannot make the live sessions, or have to miss a class, or if I want to review a lecture, will the lecture presentations be available afterwards?

A: Yes. The lectures are recorded, and links to each lecture will be sent to you via email after each class meeting.

Q: I've registered for a class but I have not heard from the instructor. Is that normal?

A: Some people use different email addresses for the third-party pay manager accounts. If that's the case, the emails might be there. Also, check your Spam folder. Finally, if you still have not heard from us, email info@ipak-edu.org.

Q: Are there quizzes/exams/homework assignments for each class?

A: There are no exams or quizzes per se; however, from time to time, each instructor may issue assignments to help students process information. These are recommended, never required.

Q: If I have registered for the wrong class, how can I change my registration?

A: Send email to info@ipak-edu.org requesting the course assignment change. Mention the class you signed up for, and the class to which you'd like to transfer. This must be done within the first two weeks of each semester and can only be done once.

Q: Can I cancel a registration?

A: Students have three weeks from the first class meeting date to withdrawal and receive a full refund.

Q: Can I transfer credits from IPAK-EDU courses to other Universities?

A: Unlikely, as we are not accredited by any state's curriculum board or committee. While sending our syllabi to other institutions would be a place to start, we do not keep records of attendance or grades, so it would be difficult. People take classes at IPAK-EDU.org to learn, not become accredited.

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