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Summer (June-Sept 2023) Registration Monthly Plans

IPAK EDU Bioinformatics Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU Medical Rights and Informed Consent Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU Autoimmunity and Human Health Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU Constitutional Law Bootcamp Monthly Plan

Fall (Sept) Registration Monthly Plans

IPAK EDU How Not to Be Fooled Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU Integrative Wellness for Mental Health Tues 7pmET Start 9/6/22
IPAK EDU Math of Vaccine Science Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU Bio A Introduction to Biology Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU Vaccine Injury Compensation Programs Course Plan
IPAK EDU Environmental Science 100 Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU Biology of Nutrition BIO 201 Monthly Plan  
IPAK EDU Environmental Toxicology A Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU Chemistry for the Masses Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU Spreadsheets 1 Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU Key Readings in Public Health - TBA
IPAK EDU Ecology for the Masses Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU History of Western Law Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU Resolving Nutritional Confusion Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU Vaccine Course Monthly Plan

IPAK EDU Herbology & Health


Spring 2023 Registration Monthly Plans

IPAK EDU Bio B Introduction to Biology Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU The Herbalist Perspective
IPAK EDU Wholistic Approaches to Human Health
IPAK EDU Biology of the Immune System Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU Applied Biostatistics Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU Spreadsheets 2 Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU How to Read and Interpret Scientific Studies Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU PSYCH 1 Monthly Plan