Spring 2022

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Bio B

Dr. Lyons-Weiler teaches this first semester equivalent of year 1 Biology.  Prerequisite for Virology.



Herbology and Human Health

Dr. Gaeta and guest lecturers review peer-reviewed studies on medicinal herbs and plants.

Weekly live Lecture/Discussion 
1st class January 2022 @ 3:30 ET
Video will be available thereafter


Applied Biostatistics

Dr. Buns teaches your the fundamental basis of approaches to the statistical analysis of data with a focus on testing scientific hypotheses


Companion Course:

Spreadsheets 2

Learn how to expertly execute the methods of statistical analysis using data from real-world examples.



The Biology of Immunology

Dr. Lyons-Weiler provides lectures and leads discussions on the complex workings of the human immune system.

Weekly live Lecture/Discussion- Thursdays 1pm EST starting January 2021

Video will be available thereafter.

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Classes that Start January 2022:
IPAK EDU Bio B Introduction to Biology Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU Wholistic Approaches to Human Health
IPAK EDU Herbology & Health 
IPAK EDU Biology of the Immune System Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU Applied Biostatistics Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU Spreadsheets 2 Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU How to Read and Interpret Scientific Studies Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU PSYCH 1 Monthly Plan

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IPAK EDU Threat to the US Constitution
Past and Future Courses
IPAK EDU Bioinformatics Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU Biology of Nutrition BIO 201 Monthly Plan  
IPAK EDU Environmental Toxicology A Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU Key Readings in Public Health - COVID19
IPAK EDU History of Western Law Monthly Plan
IPAK EDU Vaccine Course Monthly Plan

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