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What Customers Are Saying

I learned more about Immunology in the first lecture than I did in four years of undergraduate and all my years of medical school.

Dr. B

Board-certified physician, internal medicine

 Taking this course has offered me the opportunity to know you as a person, a scientist, and a teacher - lucky me! Having you in my network of experts has given me a sense of peace and empowerment. You are unapologetic with the truth and leave no stone unturned. I also greatly appreciate your willingness to change your mind and have a dialogue with someone who has something new to offer and/or challenges your views. Your passion for your work shines through everything you do, and that is so rare in today's world. I can't thank you enough for your commitment and you work. You may not be on the CNN podium, but you are making global waves and leaving a legacy for future generations. 



Dr. Rigney offers an interesting and fun study of human nature, which speaks directly to why our Law is the way it is today.  This course is perfect for those who have no law background but want to learn how our law was influenced and shaped, starting with how the Greeks organized themselves.  I thoroughly enjoyed this course.

Elaine l.

Research scientist